The Tourism program allows students to receive fundamental training in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, modern economic theory, mathematics, ICT, statistics, foreign languages ​​and practical professional skills in practical classes, during the passage of three types of practices. The university has foreign partners who provide places of practice.

At Adam University for distance learning there is software and technical equipment that allows you to conduct webinars with leading domestic and foreign scientists, online and offline classes. Significant successes in educational and research activities are facilitated by a well-equipped university teaching base.

The priority skills acquired by students in the learning process are the independent development of a tourist product based on modern and advanced technologies, the ability to calculate and evaluate the costs of organizing the activities of the enterprise, as well as organize a high-quality customer service process. Students of the “Tourism” training direction are taught methods of providing quality services, taking into account world standards and trends.

Future "tourists" book tickets and hotel rooms, draw up travel packages and other necessary documents to travel around the world, study the culture and customs of residents of different countries in order to anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers. In addition to high-quality - professional training of students, the team of the program pays great attention to the aesthetic education of competitive specialists in the field of tourism.

The program for our students has the opportunity to obtain double diplomas: the State standard of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Bulgarian University of Neophyt Rylski "or the Baltic International University.

Due to the interconnected educational levels of training, our graduates have the opportunity to receive the necessary level of education and change their trajectory due to a change in specializations.

Program benefits

The program also uses a distance learning program for undergraduate programs in the areas of management and tourism

In the educational process, active technologies and teaching methods are widely used, teaching aids developed by the department staff. The working curriculum of the "Management" direction provides for the implementation of term papers in key professional disciplines.

Guest lectures are held for university students with the participation of deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, representatives of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, heads of business and state structures, foreign professors and lecturers.

Such interactive training formats as business and role-playing games, round tables, student subject conferences, essay contests, quiz contests, presentation presentations, analysis of specific situations, case-studies are actively used.

Students of the "Tourism" direction weekly go to tourist facilities in the Chui region for practical classes.

Scientific work

Scientific work on the program, in which students of all levels of training are involved, is carried out on relevant topics:

  1. Development of the social sphere of the Kyrgyz Republic and its financial aspects
  2. Financial Management: Theory and Practice of Organization Management
  3. Integration of Banking and Industrial Capital in the Kyrgyz Republic: Problems and Prospects

The program sets the following tasks for the further development of research activities of teaching staff:

  • Improving the scientific level and pedagogical skills of the teaching staff of the department
  • The publication of monographs, collections of scientific articles and textbooks on the subject of research
  • Thesis defense
  • Involvement in the research of the department of young scientists, graduate students and undergraduates

Over the past 5 years, teachers of the program published: more than 10 monographs; 11 training and teaching aids; more than 150 scientific publications, including more than 70 articles in foreign publications.

For the period 2015-2019 teachers of the department took part in more than 50 international conferences, symposia and seminars.

Program Levels of Education

At the University of Adam on the program "Management and Tourism" educational programs of undergraduate and graduate programs in the direction 600200 "Tourism" are implemented. The two-level levels of the educational trajectory offer interconnected programs that provide training for specialists to work as managers at various levels in commercial organizations, government bodies, research centers and educational organizations.

Continuous training of tourism tourism professionals, carried out on the basis of meeting the needs of consumers of educational services and highly qualified specialists in the tourism industry at all levels in accordance with the modern requirements of the tourism industry and the international labor market.


The area of ​​professional activity of graduates in the field of training 600200 Tourism includes:

  • Development and implementation of a tourist product with qualities that meet the requirements of consumers;
  • Organization of integrated tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry.

Training Profiles:

  • Ecological tourism
  • International tourism
  • Technology and organization of hotel activities
  • Technology and organization of tour operator and travel agency services
  • Technology and organization of active tourism.
  • Organization and technology of international and domestic tourism
  • Sustainable tourism


The area of professional activity of masters in the field of training 600200 Tourism includes:

  • Development and implementation of tourism products with qualities that satisfy consumer requirements
  • Organization of integrated tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry
  • Design and management of tourist and recreational areas and complexes

Training Profiles:

  • Ecotourism
  • International tourism
  • Management of tourist and recreational complexes
  • Sustainable tourism

Graduate perspective

The area of professional activity of bachelors in the direction of "Tourism" is the development and implementation of a tourism product that has qualities that meet the requirements of consumers, the organization of integrated tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry.

The main places of work of graduates:

  • Travel agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Hotel enterprises
  • Catering
  • Tourism Information Centers
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions

Educational process

The learning process is built so as to provide an individual approach to each student, which makes it possible to build individual curricula.

Students have the opportunity to combine educational activities with active participation in the socio-cultural life of the university and to realize their abilities in sports and cultural events.

Upon completion of undergraduate and graduate programs, graduates receive a state diploma.

Graduates of Adam University are successfully building careers in various domestic, foreign, international organizations, as well as government institutions, which confirms the high quality of education.

The main bachelor's program is a line of compulsory disciplines in economics and mathematics, disciplines of the humanitarian block, as well as a set of special economic and financial disciplines that allow the student to specialize in the direction that he considers to be the most interesting and useful.

Mandatory disciplines of the program

  • Kyrgyz language and literature
  • Foreign language
  • National history
  • Philosophy
  • Manasology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Life safety
  • Ecology
  • Economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics)

Special disciplines

  • Kyrgyz language and literature
  • Foreign language
  • National history
  • Philosophy
  • Manasology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Life safety
  • Ecology
  • Economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics)

A distinctive feature of the direction "Tourism" is the specialization "Ecological tourism", which allows you to get a comprehensive education for a successful career in the tourism sector.

Human Resources Program

One of the advantages of the program is its active, innovative team of professionals who possess not only universal theoretical knowledge, but also own the most advanced educational technologies. Employees regularly undergo internship abroad, have already considerable teaching experience.

The teaching staff of the Management and Tourism program has academic degrees and titles, which is a guarantee of the quality of teaching professional disciplines. The program teaches two doctors of economic sciences (professors), a candidate of economic sciences, two associate professors and senior teachers, one teacher and methodologist.