Specialty "General Medicine"

General Educational Programm

Graduate Model

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Protecting the health of the population and ensuring the proper quality of medical care through the training of highly qualified specialists:

  • corresponding to national and international standards in the field of medical education, able to withstand global challenges in the field of healthcare;
  • striving for constant personal improvement and professional growth based on scientific and innovative technologies;
  • guided by high ethical standards in the performance of their professional duties;
  • competitive and in demand in the domestic and foreign labor markets.



The level of education, providing the right to obtain a professional qualification degree of full higher professional education in the relevant specialty with the right to further education in the appropriate forms of postgraduate education.

  • Full-time form of education
  • Duration of study: 5 years
  • Assigned qualification: doctor
  • Entrance tests: basic test, subject test (chemistry, biology), for foreign citizens testing (chemistry, biology)


Students are provided with:

  • Tuition Discounts
  • Internships in universities in Russia, Norway, Finland, India, etc.
  • Practice and study at partner universities
  • Online participation in operations
  • Participation in webinars in foreign medical universities
  • Training according to international medical standards, etc.
  • Diagnose patients and prescribe treatment that is adequate to the diagnosis and state of health
  • Provide medical care in a variety of situations, including emergency
  • Disease Prevention
  • To carry out rehabilitation and therapeutic measures for diseases of any body systems, as well as after injuries, surgical operations
  • Carry out various medical examinations, including the assessment of the ability to work of people, forensic medical examination
  • Work with medications
  • Work with medical equipment, equipment, tools that are used to diagnose and treat patients

State and commercial medical institutions, state health authorities, research institutes, institutions of secondary vocational and higher education (medical faculties, universities, schools).

A graduate can successfully work as a doctor, department head, teacher, can become a scientist or open a private office (own business). For further career growth in institutions, as a rule, it is required to continue education in the field of medicine.

After the residency of young specialists, polyclinics, ambulance and emergency care stations, hospitals and private clinics, motels, dispensaries, hospitals, social welfare institutions, etc. are waiting for the doctor. There are wide career opportunities for a doctor to the position of head of department, chief doctor. If desired, the doctor can engage in private practice.

Graduates can engage in research activities, enter graduate school, become candidates, and then doctors of science, teach at a medical university.