Adam University / Bishkek Financial and Economic Academy is a non-governmental higher education institution established on May 31, 1994 as an International Center for Training and Retraining of Financial and Economic Personnel. By the decision of the Board of the Ministry of education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 12/12 of November 28, 1997, the International Center for Training and Retraining of Financial and Economic Personnel certified as a higher educational institution with the status of an Academy. Which became the full legal successor of the Center's rights and duties. In 2016, the Academy was re-registered as a higher education institution of Adam University.

The mission of ADAM University is to assist society in the sustainable development of social and economic institutions by training competent personnel and conducting research.

Adam University is a modern, stable and dynamically developing non-state University, an active participant in the national and global scientific and educational space, which trains highly qualified, competitive and innovation-oriented specialists.


  • Trust and respect

  • Academic freedom and integrity

  • Quality, striving for excellence

  • Partnership

  • Innovativeness

Quality policy

Adam University's quality policy is aimed at continuously improving the quality of services in educational and scientific activities based on feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

Policy is based on values, resources and partnerships of the University to organize student-centered learning, the formation of competitive skills, generating new knowledge, conducting applied research.

Structural subdivision

To implement educational activities at the university, there are the following structural units that provide organizational, educational, methodological, educational and laboratory, scientific, educational, economic and financial activities of the University: programs (graduating departments) and departments (auxiliary departments); Training Division; Human Resources department; Information department; Library; Career Center; Department of External Relations; Accounting; Student Government; Quality Assurance Department, etc.

Teaching staff

The University has a teaching staff in accordance with the qualification requirements for licensing educational activities, and guarantees that teachers have full knowledge and possess modern teaching methods, the necessary skills and experience.


The university has licenses for educational activities in the areas of training:

Bachelor's degree, with a standard term of study of 4 years:

Economics, Management, Tourism, Business management, Information systems and technologies

Master's degree with a standard period of study of 2 years:

Economy, Management, Tourism

Specialist with a standard term of study of 6 years and 5 years (for a 12-year education):

General Medicine


ADAM University is one of the first Universities in Central Asia, which successfully passed the procedure of regional institutional social and professional accreditation in 2005 and received the CAMEQ gold quality mark.

In 2019 and 2021, the university successfully passed an independent national program and institutional accreditation for a period of 5 years;

In 2021 and 2022, the university passed an independent international program and institutional accreditation (IAAR) for a period of 3 years.


Since 2005, ADAM University has been a pilot University of the Ministry of education of the Kyrgyz Republic for implementing reforms in the higher education system, and the University has implemented projects aimed at:

  • Development of two cycle programs bachelor's and master's

  • Implementation of ECTS and the European diploma Supplement)

  • Implementation of a competence-based approach based on the TUNING methodology

  • Career Center development

  • Development of academic mobility of students and teachers

  • Building internal quality assurance and accreditation systems of the University

  • Development of PhD programs

  • Development of e-learning

  • Creation of double-degree educational programs for bachelor's and master's degrees in the direction of "Tourism"

  • Development of financial autonomy of universities in Kyrgyzstan (DEFA), funded by the EU program, Erasmus+

Educational process

The educational process is organized on credit system in accordance with the STATE University CU and principles of the Bologna process and focuses on building an individual learning path of the student.

New information technologies are being actively involved into the educational process. The University has created the following conditions for the functioning of the electronic information and educational environment:

  • Adam University Management Information System

  • Electronic learning platform from MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)

  • Electronic courses have been developed

  • The first open online courses in Kyrgyzstan have been developed

  • Joint courses on double degree programs are being developed with the Baltic International Academy (Latvia) and the Neofit-Rylski South-Western University (Bulgaria)

  • Webinars and open online lectures are regularly held with Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), Perm State University (Russia), Baltic International Academy (Latvia), South-Eastern University of Terlemark (Norway) and South-Western University “Neofit-Rylski "(Bulgaria)

  • Competence center in the field of tourism and hospitality

Library fund

The university has a sufficient information and library base. The library fund is replenished every year. The fund is widely represented educational, scientific, popular science literature of universal subjects, reference and bibliographic, periodicals in Kyrgyz, Russian, and foreign languages.


Adam University is one of the first universities to sign the Magna Carta of Universities. Today, the University is a member of the Bologna Club, CADO, the world Federation for Medical Education (WFME), KATO, the Association of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, etc.

The University's educational programs are developed in close cooperation with leading European universities.

Currently, Adam University is a member of the Kyrgyz Association of Distance Education (since 2013 it is the founder), the Association of higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic (since 2015 it is a member of the Association), the Kyrgyz Association of tour operators (since 2010 it is a member of the Association).

The University has extensive partnerships with government agencies, employers, public organizations, as well as with universities in Europe and Asia (including: great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.).