Ph.D. doctoral programs were opened at Adam University in August 2013 on the basis of orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic on the organization of an experiment on the development and implementation of Ph.D. doctoral programs No. 733/1 of December 12, 2012, No. 762 / 1 dated December 26, 2012 and No. 311/1 of May 31, 2013 and license No. LG130000055 of 2013, as well as under the TEMPUS project “Towards Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture”.

The main directions of educational policy

  • Construction of graduate models of doctoral Ph.D. programs and curricula based on the use of the competency-based approach and the European ECTS credit transfer and accumulation system;
  • Improving the quality of training;
  • Creation of a modern educational environment through the introduction of interactive teaching methods, an electronic platform, etc .;
  • Creation of scientific and methodological support of the educational process;
  • Changing the organizational forms of the educational process;
  • Development of academic mobility of doctoral students and academic staff;
  • Implementation of joint research with the business sector;
  • Organization of virtual mobility for research. 

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) / Doctor in profile - the qualification level of postgraduate professional education (basic doctoral studies), which gives people who have completed the relevant curriculum and research work with the defense of a dissertation, the right to carry out scientific and other professional activities.

Program Content

The program of postgraduate education is compiled on the basis of two equivalent components - theoretical and scientific, therefore it is formed in strict accordance with the research area of ​​a doctoral candidate.

Theoretical training of doctoral students includes compulsory areas of preparation, as well as optional components (basic cycle). The profile cycle consists of a list of components of compulsory disciplines and disciplines of choice depending on the chosen field of research of a doctoral candidate and his further direction of training.

The scientific component of the educational program includes three main components.

  1. Experimental research work
  2. Publications on the topic of the dissertation in relevant journals
  3. Doctoral dissertation writing

Management Approaches

  • Leadership and assessment are based on a transparent contractual system of joint responsibility of doctoral students, scientific advisers and the university
  • Universities encourages and encourages the development and dissemination of best practices in organizing work with research degrees
  • Implementation of several supervisors, including scholars from different European countries, into the practice of joint supervision
  • Ensuring the continuous development of professional skills of scientific leaders in the field of modern didactics of doctoral education
  • The influence of managers on the final assessment is extremely limited.
  • University guarantees the competence of supervisors

Cooperation with foreign universities partners

  1. Omsk Economic Institute, Russia
  2. Ugra State University, Russia
  3. Yakutsk Institute of Economics (branch of St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics), Russia
  4. Kazakh Economic University named after T.Ryskulov, Kazakhstan
  5. Batumi State University named after S. Rustaveli, Georgia
  6. University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
  7. Baltic International Academy, Latvia
  8. Southwest Neophyt-Rylski University, Bulgaria
  9. Southeast University of Norway, Norway
  10. Guangxi Pedagogical University, China

Conditions for admission to doctoral studies

Persons with an academic degree of "Master" or higher professional education with the qualification of "specialist" are accepted for doctoral studies. Entrance exam: interview on a profile, a foreign language.

List of documents for admission

  • Rector Application
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of education certificate with attachments
  • List of scientific and scientific-methodological works (if any)
  • Six 3x4 cm photographs
  • Personnel Record
  • Copy of document confirming labor activity
  • Justification of the planned dissertation research (Research Proposal)

Fields of study